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Thursday, February 07, 2013


Note from author:
Hello readers and fellow fans. You may have noticed no one had posted in forever, but we are coming back and getting things up and running again soon, but we have made new blogs. If you follow the link below it will lead you to Soda's blog and from there are other links to the other new blogs.

Thanks for being awesome fans ;)

Tuesday, October 02, 2012


It's been forever :/ I think you all died and probably no one will read this now, but i gotta post it anyways :p

This morning I got a phone call at work, it was Katie. She was put on bed rest last week cause apparently this pregnancy is more difficult then her last. We decided we wanted to be surprised on if the baby was a boy or a girl. Anyways, Katie called me about noon and said her water broke o.O I rushed home thinking why would her water break eight weeks early. We got to the hospital and the nurses check on everything, then about thirty minutes later the doc comes in tellin Katie to start pushing. With Skye, we were at the hospital six hours before she was actually born. This was all happening just a little too fast for me. And before I know it I'm holding the tiniest baby I have ever seen. So tiny it scared me a little. After the "ooh-ing" and "aww-ing" we started to discuss names when the doctor said "Okay, let's prepare for the next one."
"NEXT ONE???" I was shouting.
"You didn't know? You're having twins?" he replied.
A sense of overwhelming.......terror ? came over me. TWINS ? What the hell am I supposed to do with those? Doing this once before had me convinced that I was well prepared...but I had never considered twins. The second one came, and I held two newborn babies in both my arms, and took in the feeling of now being a dad of three.

   Say Hello to
  Sawyer Blade Curtis and Story Day Curtis. My new baby boy AND girl!
They have to stay in the hospital a few weeks, until they are breathing and eating right!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Last month I was working at the usual. We had an unusual amount of customers that day, who seemed more interested in purchasing things inside than they did gas. The last customer for the noon rush had just left when Jelly walked into the store, with tears pouring down her cheeks.
"What happened Jels?" I asked. She handed me a wad of folded papers. I began reading them, and my heart sank.
"Kit?" I suspected, and Jelly's nod confirmed it.
"That's terrible....ya know, no matter what Steve did to me, I could never do something like this for revenge on him...friends don't do that." I explained, contemplating a talk/fight to soon be had with Kit.
Jelly's sobs quickened, and she fell into my chest, so I did the only thing I could....I wrapped my arms around her and held her against me.
"What did Dimitri say?" I asked.
"He was mad because I didn't tell him... because I lied to was all about him. He has no idea how that made me feel, and it didn't seem much like he cared." Jelly said.
There was long silence after that, and then I heard Jelly mumble into my shirt, "Do you think we would still be together if that hadn't happened?" She asked.
I thought for a minute...what if that had never happened...would we never have separated?
I pulled her away from me and looked her in the eye, "Jels.. I think it was meant to happen. We weren't meant to be together. Back then we were little kids..we thought we'd be together forever. But, I can't imagine life differently than it is now...without Katie, without Skye. They're my world, I couldn't trade them for anything.... and yeah, Dimitri should have acted differently, but you still love're still married to him, and I know you wouldn't want a life without him......this is the life you were meant to live Jels."
"Yeah.....I know, you're right." She wiped her wet cheeks.
"I can talk to him for ya, if you want?" I offered.
", I need to do it myself." She answered, then she turned and headed out the door.

It was two A.M. when I got home Thursday after work...well, and after Steve and me went partying. Wow...only two in the morning? Were getting old -.-
Anyways, I heard Skye moving around, and sneezing. She'd had a cold for awhile. I walked into her room and saw her face light up. "Da, da!" she said, her first word that we discovered last week.
"Hey baby girl." I whispered, picking her up. I sat with her in the rocking chair awhile, playing with her toes until she fell asleep.
After putting her back in her crib, I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. When I got out I started drying off my hair, then I noticed something sitting on the counter. I held the plastic stick between my fingers and read "POSITIVE".
I slid into bed and noticed Katie was awake, I was glad...cause I couldn't wait to share my excitement with her.
"Another baby, huh?" I said.
"Yeah." She smiled, curling up next to me.
"You just keep giving me the best, don't you?" I smiled.
"So you're excited? You don't think it's too soon?" she asked.
"No... I think it's perfect." I answered.


Saturday, January 21, 2012


Little Skye is about 4 1/2 months old now, and gets more beautiful with each passing day.
I've gotten used to all the dirty diapers, late night wake up calls, and random spit ups.... the only thing I can't seem to master, is feeding time!

The first time I set her in her pink highchair she screamed...and balled...and screamed some more. Once the tears dried up, I set some food infront of her. It stayed there for about ten seconds before she dumped it on the floor.

The second time, she didnt scream or cry...but the food got EVERYWHERE! On her..on the highchair..the floor..the!

The third time, I put her in the chair with nothing but a diaper on...and instead of giving her baby foor, I gave her crackers. Cause crackers arent that messy right? I left the room to get the mail..came back and she had them crushed up in her hands with slobber and rubbed it all in her hair.

The fourth time, I sat infront of her and watched her every move....that is, untill I fell asleep..and woke up covered in mushy baby squash.

The fifth time, I let Katie do it. I laughed and wished her luck, then sat back and waited for the mayhem. Skye....was a perfect angel -.- she ate the food like she was supposed to. WTF??

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Curtis Christmas!

Everyone is invited to spend Christmas at our house tomorrow =D
There will be....

-A ginormous amount of FOOD!! (did I mention it's free?)
-Snow ball fights (yes..ITS SNOWING IN TULSA!!)
-presents for everyone (..well..mostly everyone)
-Hot Cocoa + Apple Cider + a cozy warm Fireplace :)
-And ofcourse....the football game on tv :D
-....and this year we're gonna pull out the old family home videos...featuring ALL OF YOU!! XD

You do NOT wanna miss it!
(everyone please bring a dessert or drink :p <3 katie)

Oh yes..and dont forget Skye...

Isn't she adorably perfect?? :)

Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Wake Up Call I Wished I Had Never Woken Up To

I awoke at five AM to desperate cries of attention. I noticed Katie had not woken up, so I got up myself and slipped into the next room to see Skye in her crib, tears streaming down her face. The moment I picked her up she stopped crying. Ive helped Darry raise Pony and Kit for the past three years, but Ive never had someone depend on me like this. I cradled her in the rocker until she fell back asleep, and just as I placed her back in the crib I heard a knock on the front door.
Who the hell could be knocking on my door at 5 am?

I flipped on the porch light, and opened the door to reveal a police officer standing on my porch.
'I DIDNT DO IT!!' was the first thing that popped into my head, little did I know, I rather have been in trouble than to hear what he was about to tell me.
"Are you Sodapop Curtis?" He spoke in an deep authoritative voice.
"Yes sir, is there a problem?" I put on my respectful attitude.
"I'm afraid there was an.....accident. You were the first contact we could find, I need you to come down to the County General..." he informed.
The County General? That was on the other side of down town? Why did I need to go there?

I ran back upstairs, grabbed my jeans, and put on the first shirt I could find. I woke up Katie and told her what was happening, and I would be back when I could.
I slid into the passenger's seat of the sheriff's car. Funny, didn't think Id ever be riding in this seat of a cop car.
The sheriff explained that there was a situation...
"I believe one of your friend's had an accident..." he started, "..well actually it wasnt an accident at was on purpose.."
I was a little confused.
"Sir, I'm sorry but my brain doesn't kick in till 7 am, can you please explain to me what is going on?" I admitted.
"One of your friend's attempted suicide." He stated.
Who? How? Where? When? and probably most importantly Why?
So may things were going through my head. First of all I wanted to know who. Maybe Elena...that was sort of believable...but then why wouldn't they contact Dimitri?
Or Johnny.... we haven't heard from the kid in a while, his life was never easy....What if it was Kitty? I knew the secrets she dared to never tell, I knew what she struggled with...but God please not Kitty...
I envisioned every possible scenario in my head with almost every person from the gang. The sheriff looked at my face and quickly explained what he knew,
"We do not have an identity, that's part of the reason why we contacted you. You were the only one who had a listed address. According to the report, he was found on the doorstep outside after apparently breaking into his own house. It looked liked he consumed about everything in the medicine cabinet, and his blood alcohol level was .35%...".
I was trying to process all this was a guy, so that ruled out Kit, Elena, and all the other girls in the gang. But who? And .35%??? They could easily die....mixed with all the drugs he took in.... things were not looking good.

We arrived at the County General, and I was directed to one of the doctors there. "Unfortunately we have done all we can, and he has not responded yet so all we can do is wait..."
He guided me down the hall towards whichever of my friends was lying in a hospital bed. "We've pumped his stomach, and hooked him up to IV's, but....It's hard to tell with such a high alcohol level."
I wanted to cry...but not knowing who I was crying for sort of made it difficult. I wanted to think they got the wrong guy... that somehow there was a mix up and I didn't know this person at all, but once I stepped foot into that room, that hope died. The first thing I thought of to do, was to contact the person closest to him. I pulled out my phone and struggled dialing the number...
"Blair? There's been an accident..."
"What? Soda? Are you okay?"
"Blair..... Dallas tried to kill himself."

Monday, September 05, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

Last week Katie was due for her final check up. Everything was good, and the doc said Skye would come at the beginning of September.

September 1st: I basically stared at the clock all day. I wished I had worked so Id atleast have somethin to do besides wait....and wait....and wait. The next couple of days I did work so things went by a little faster, except I looked at my phone every ten minutes just to be sure I didnt miss a call from Katie.
I just about gave up. This morning at 4 AM, someone nudged me, quite hard actually. I blinked as Katie came into focus.
"Babe, wake up......" Katie said.
"What's wrong?" I said, sitting up rubbing my eyes.
Katie was hurrying around the room, grabbing stuff and shoving it into a bag.
"Skye is coming!!" She said.
I sprang out of bed in a panic, "Oh, ok, ok ok ok what do I do?" I almost shouted.
"Get some pants on and get in the car." She said.
I grabbed the nearest pair of jeans and sprang out of the house barefoot, didnt bother with shoes, cause I dont like them anyway.
I banged on the door again and again until someone answered. A sleepy and annoyed Darry answered. "This better be good Pepsi..." He said sternly.
"It is," I replied while running to the car. "Im about to be a dad." I said.
"Oh!" Darry perked up. "Ill wake Pony and we'll meet ya there." He yelled.

Katie was already in the car by the time I flew into the drivers seat. We got to the hospital in about 25,3 seconds. I ran in frantically shouting "I need a doctor, or a nurse, or anybody...." It was one of those moments where you dont realize how stupid your acting till after you act.
Katie punched me in the back, "Soda, calm down, its called labor...we're going to be here a while."
And we were. We got a room and about that time half the gang showed their Pj's XD.

"Steve almost came naked, but I told him they wouldnt let him in if he didnt have clothes on." Carson said.
Most of the gang waited in the waiting room, except for Darry and TwoBit and Kitty. We sat by Katies bed and played poker for a few hours.
"By the way, Kitty and Tibbs...yall are godparents." :D
"It would have been nice to know this before today." Kit implied.
"Yeah yeah, I was....busy." I stuck my tongue out at her.

Finally they cleared the room at 10 AM, and about an hour later I was holding the most delicate thing I had ever seen. She was more beautiful than I expected, her fragile pink skin was warm against my chest. She was perfect! And she was mine!
Its funny how things work out sometimes. Thinking back on all the steps you took to get to where you are today. I never really thought of being a dad, I thought about finding the right girl, and about getting married. I thought that way back with Sandy, but if I didnt go through her, I wouldnt have found Katie, and I wouldnt trade her for anyone. Again with Snow, then I wasnt ready to be a dad, but I sorta got used to the idea right when she was taken from me. And finally I have Skye, perfect, beautiful Skye, and Im the lucky one who gets to be her dad. It all starts today, so ready..... set..... go!

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